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Aug 2011 12

Earlier this week City and Guilds release it’s 2011 Vocational Rich List. It ranks wealth among people who have built up their fortunes following an Apprenticeship or other practical qualifications. Coincidentally, just today BBC News reported that student debt is set to rise by approximately 6.4%, leaving the average University student with £53,000 worth of debt.

Is it just me or has the idea of University just got scary? It makes it so much more difficult for people to go to University and those who do, face years of debt thereafter.

The amount of debt would definitely put me off, and reactions to the news seem to suggest the same, many people saying they have been scared off going to University because of the increase in cost. [bbc news online report]

I have been lucky enough to get the experience of both an apprenticeship and later on I decided to go to University. In terms of my personal development, the experience I gained from my apprenticeship gave me real life on-the-job experience of how business works and thereafter, University accelerated my career progression. So, both routes have no doubt have had a hand in my career progression, but if I was faced with the prospect of so much debt to go to University now, would I go to University?…probably not no.

Would I still have been able to take up the career I have now, without having been to University? Yes. I might have taken a different path to get here, but I would have got here eventually.

That’s why I feel it’s great the City and Guilds Vocational Rich List has been released this week as well, because it proves that going to University isn’t the only option, there are so many opportunities for young people, to get into a career they love and make their fortune.

Since the last addition of the Rich List in 2008, there has been an increase in wealth of £1 billion to £17.6 billion, defying the economic downturn. It serves as an inspiration to others to discover their talent, unlock their potential and achieve their career aspirations without having to go to University. In fact, none of the billionaires featured on the list went to University, including Dyson hoover inventor James Dyson.

The list is really encouraging because the professions are so varied, from Internet business to plumbing, retailing to construction, there are so many opportunities for any career aspiration.

Don’t get me wrong, University is undeniably a highly valuable academic experience and will no doubt provide you with the tools you need to succeed. But if you decide this option is not for you, there are other opportunities available to you.

View the 2011 City and Guilds Vocational Rich List here.

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