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Do you find yourself at a crossroads, wanting to move your life forward but you are not sure how? Perhaps you have experienced tough times which has affected your confidence, drive or self belief.

Going through tough times is part of life, but it can leave a lasting affect and prevent us from being in control of our lives.  We’ve all got dreams, a vision of what we would like our life to be like, we just don’t always know where to start and how to get there. That’s where a personal coaching program can help you.

If you are here, you are probably ready to make a change and improve your life.

Sue’s executive coaching programme provides you with a bespoke personal action plan with full support to guide you to achieving the goals you desire.

About Sue

Sue has more than 20 year’s successful experience in coaching and leadership development, and with this experience she has helped hundreds of leaders and entrepreneurs achieve extraordinary results. She is a sought after motivational speaker, author and regularly appears in the media.

As well as gaining a wealth of qualifications including an MBA in Entrepreneurship, MSc. in Quality Management and several NLP qualifications, Sue trained with Sir John Whitmore who pioneered the concept of coaching from sport into business.

Is Executive Coaching for me?

If you are stuck in your current situation, whether you want to change career, start a business or set yourself new challenges, personal coaching can get you the results you desire.

Maybe you know what you want but you just need that confidence, focus and support to get there, Sue will guide you to overcoming any limiting self beliefs, increase your drive and provide you with positive, proactive actions to take control and achieve extraordinary results.

The Programme

The programme is conducted over a six to nine month period and typically, during 4- 6 sessions either via Skype or telephone. If you prefer face to face consultations, this can be arranged upon request.

The first telephone conversation is a FREE exploratory session to build rapport and identify the key outcomes and measures from the coaching programme.

From there, the coaching sessions are held between the individual and coach on a monthly basis and in between each meeting, the individual will undertake actions as identified during the sessions.

Then a final review session is held between the individual and coach to:

  • Review progress against the original measures and timescales set
  • Identify evidence for change
  • Discuss how the client can maintain the sustainability of progress in the future

Fee: £150 per hour session

For more information, or to book your personal coaching programme with Sue, please click here to contact us


“Your coaching has made a tangible difference to me and the way I deal with my team. The consequences being an improvement in morale and the relationships I have with them”. - Company Director

“Discussing various ways with Sue of building a better team spirit with fellow Trustees has given me the confidence to take action on issues that needed addressing – to ‘grasp the nettle‘ when necessary”. -  Chairman, a national charity

“I found Sue’s insights and challenges to be extremely beneficial and she helped me to clarify plenty of areas I couldn’t have done on my own” – Lesley R

“I found coaching such an invaluable tool for me to help re-align my thought processes” – Lisa A

“Sue is an excellent coach; just right for me – she was very supportive and gave lots of confidence; definitely a ‘you can do it’ ethos.” – Laura Jones

“Coaching with Sue has given me a focus and I have approached issues in a way I haven’t in the past.” – Mike O

“Sue is a very good listener and is able to grasp the essential points of a discussion and give an objective response which is helpful.” – Helen C

“Sue helped me to realise my true potential and to value my position within my organisation. She helped me to recognise that I have the tools to be a success in business and believe in myself.” – Senior Executive, Spin-our company part of Oxford University

“I have found our coaching sessions very positive and here are the three main points I want to stress: First, it helped me to stay focused on what I wanted to achieve but open to other paths/directions in my career at the same time. Second, I liked the fact that Sue was intuitive and could pick things easily about my strategy or way of thinking and address issues I couldn’t see, but without always using logic. Finally, Sue’s approach to coaching was different – I can’t actually define it but it is proactive but realistic, down to earth but also believe the impossible! Overall a very good strategy.” – Director of a coaching company

“The process has helped me drive my focus and intentionality to make a real noticeable, difference.” – Brian C

“Sue has a clear understanding of the role of the coach to help the individual find the solution to their issue. She demonstrates a commitment to help the individual succeed but without becoming embroiled in the specifics. Maintaining her objective view point and offering a technique has allowed me to solve my own issues and understand myself and my envir0nment better.” – Carole

“Coaching helped me make time to move key issues forward and I found the questioning useful.” – Mike O

“I found my sessions with Sue to be insightful and inspiration, allowing me to reflect on aspects of my commitment and professional attitudes/values that required to be revisited in order to galvanise a higher level of motivation to my work.” – Sarah C

“Sue is a very good coach with the ability to provide insight and objectivity.” – Catherine H

“Sue helped me stand back and reflect and focus on what was important to me so that I could formulate actions for the future.” – Jan B