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- Identifying Life Sentences and Other Bondages

Written by Roy Heeley (sought after Motivational Speaker and Life Coach)


There are many self improvement books on the market and most of us have read some of them in an attempt to take serious steps in the right direction, but even with the best intentions we still struggle along the path looking for happiness. We all have heard and know about the Law of Attraction, but for some of you these unknown forces and unconcious restrictions have always kept you from really and truly benefiting from it. However hard you try it seems impossible to change the way you lead your life. Now, in a clear and highly accessible way, I will explain exactly why you find it so difficult to change and how you really can take charge of your lives.

This book will set you free to be everything you have ever wanted to be. It will lead you to astounding revelations about yourself and an understanding of why you do and think the things you do. It will help you discover exactly what happens in the inner workings of your mind so that you can finally move forward and lead the life you want and deserve.

* Read the book!
* Make notes on your insights into your thinking and behaviour.
* Follow the book’s instructions on how to deal with those revelations.
* Get ready to live a happier and more abundant future.

Join the hundreds of thousands of others (reviews available below) who have already been set free! Buy this inspiring e-book now and change your life!

** Please note that this book is only available as a downloadable e-book in PDF format. This means that you will have instant access to download and read the book on your computer as soon as the transaction is completed. No need to wait for delivery. Isn’t that great?! E-books are not only convenient, did I mention that they are ECO-friendly too! Not only will you be getting a great read, but you will be doing your bit to care for the environment too!

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I think this book is really good. I usually don’t like most new agey kind of “heal your life” stuff because so much of it is founded on complete crap, but you have kept it really simple and do the most important thing, inspire choice. Anyone who inspires choice in others has my vote.

Scott Cundill –

The book is SOOO FAB ! I can’t take my nose out of it, the others in the office think I`m working.

Gaenor Becker –

Over my years working as a life coach I’ve read many self-help books. Yours is a real breath of fresh air! You write in a personal friendly way and with an enjoyable sense of humour. You keep it clear and simple but still manage to put across a very deep and powerful message. I believe this is a book that can truly change people’s lives and I’ll be recommending it to all my clients!

Carina Lewis – Personal Life Coach

I have finished reading your book and agree 100% that we need to release ourselves from the negative subconscious memories of the past.

Gene Anger –

Life Sentences are like cancer, you can’t see them, but they are busy destroying your life! You need to root them out! Roy’s insights really helped me to “Free my mind” like the book promises. Thanks Roy!

Wilma Cloete –

Your book is interesting and ‘thought’ provoking.

Pepper Skeen

An easy read that adds powerful tools of self liberation to your arsenal for success.

Jaques Smit –

I finally had a chance to finish your book. It is awesome! A great perspective and great examples that people can really relate to.

Kathy Atkinson – Creative Life Coaching – USA

I found it such an easy, compelling and RELEVANT read.  You’ve brought it all together in a simple and easy to understand manner!  SO RELEVANT for where I’m stuck in my life right now! One by one, I’m starting to release my life-sentences and FEEL SO MUCH LIGHTER already – Last night I had the best night’s sleep in years (without any medication).

Gina Mostert – Consultant & Coach,