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If you’ve ever wondered how highly successful people get to the top – Find out the REAL secrets to their success right here…

We’ve filmed exclusive video biographies with some of the most successful individuals in every profession and sport. We asked how they started out on their amazing journey, what got them to be so successful and what some of the obstacles were they had to overcome along the way.

Learn from the best!

For the first time ever, you have access to a range of never seen before exclusive interviews showcasing real life success stories in three categories Business, Sport and Motivation. The aim of these videos is to provide you with the ability to learn from their experiences, get some wisdom, tips and advice and ultimately inspire you on your own journey to success.

So, whether you want to build a successful business or career, win a gold medal to become a world champion in sport, or learn how you can be more motivated and live a more fulfilled life – there will be a video here for you.

Here are just a few of the professionals we have worked with so far:

  • Retail tycoon and 260th richest person in the UK (The Sunday Times Richlist) – Chris Dawson
  • Former Virgin boss and record company founder – Carol Wilson
  • The Apprentice star and entrepreneur – Claire Young
  • Serial entrepreneur and one of James Caan’s Business Academy Millionaire Mentors – Emma Wimhurst
  • World Champion Boxer – Billy Schwer
  • World ranked number 2 Trick Shot Artist – Jeremy Dale
  • Paralympic Gold medal swimmer – Giles Long MBE

We only film biographies with people who have achieved a significant level of success and have gained a wealth of experience in their profession. This is to make sure they are fully qualified to provide trustworthy advice and guidance.

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