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What makes you stand out?

Research shows that 65% of employers use psychometric tests in the recruitment process…

What will they find out about you?

With so much competition now for jobs and promotions, many people are now looking for ways to improve their chances. Getting your own personal psychometric test can give you the edge in today’s highly competitive market.


  • Helps you understand your personality strengths for employment
  • Puts you at an advantage in interviews by learning how you will appear to potential employers
  • Gives you a summary of your key behaviours, functions, strengths and weaknesses, and compatible jobs with your behaviours
  • Help you set goals for improvements or training you may need


It takes just minutes to complete and then you will receive a detailed report unique to you.

So whether you are a school leaver, executive manager or returning to your career after a break, a personal psychometric test can give you the edge over your competitors.

View our sample Psychometric Test here

You will be asked to answer a series of carefully selected questions that will take around 10-15 minutes to complete. Once you have answered all of the questions, you will be asked to complete your purchase using a credit or debit card via our secure Paypal payment system.

Upon completion of the questionnaire and payment, you will receive an email containing your personal report.

The information you provide is treated as private and confidential and will be used solely for the purpose of generating your report.

Price now £12.99 was £19.99


More Information:

Psychometric testing is the field of study concerned with measuring an individuals skills, abilities and personality. Psychometric testing is used as a valuable tool, mostly as part of the recruitment and selection process to gauge an individuals potential rather than just the skills they have acquired. They reveal important information that cannot be gathered from applications and interviews alone. In fact according to Personnel Management Today Magazine, 70% of UK organisations test their workforce for either personality or ability before making a job offer or conferring a promotion.

We all spend a great deal of our adult life working, so to find a job that we truly love is something we all dream of. Whether you are a school leaver or a manager, psychometric testing can help guide you in everything from career planning to your personal relationships. Finding the right career is only the start, you then have to go on and win it. If you are looking for your ideal job, youve probably spent a great deal of time researching that role, preparing your CV and getting ready to face some tough interview questions. It is more important than ever to be prepared. Insp1re aims to assist you in succeeding in whatever you want to do.