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Make a note of your answers to the following questions and find out a bit about what is important to you and what your next step could be.


1. What do you consider your greatest challenge right now?

a. Lack of direction, waiting for the next opportunity
b. Stuck in a rut, lacking focus and decision making
c. Life lacks meaning most of the time

2. How would you describe your current state of mind?

a. Happy in myself, sometimes restless
b. limited and insecure
c. Unhappy

3. What would you like to work on?

a. Focus/personal growth
b. Self Improvement
c. Confidence/self image

4. When you come across problems, how do you deal with them?

a. Intuitively and proactively
b. Unsure of myself
c Avoidance, lacking action

5. In an ideal world what would you want to have more of?

a. Control, focus, results
b. Clarity, organisation, positivity
c. Confidence, courage, happiness

6. What do you want most…

a. Take on more opportunities, risks and open your thoughts
b. Achieve more success
c. Live a more fulfilled life

7. My view of the world is…

a. Full of opportunities
b. Could be better
c. Dismal/bleak


If you answered most A:

In general you are proactive, confident person with drive to achieve your goals. However, you may tend to get restless when you have nothing to focus on. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself but set realistic goals for achievement. Enjoy what you have and take opportunities when you can. You have a purpose in life and are willing to make improvements within yourself to get what you want. Your answers indicate you like to be in control of your life.  Staying motivated is the key to continuing on your path to success.

If you answered mostly B:

It sounds like you are stuck in a rut and perhaps life is currently not organised or you’ve lost some focus. You can gain perspective by rectifying anything that is holding you back. You may feel unsettled and limited which makes decision making difficult. Start small by completing tasks you may have been putting off. Start with the small things and life will begin to feel a lot clearer. The motivation you will get from doing these things will push you on to set bigger goals for achievement. If you want more creativity you could sit down and work out what it is you really want and set goals for achievement from there. Or try something new, you may uncover a new passion. You may need to look at your negative thoughts because these thoughts may be restricting you. If you want to achieve more success in life take a proactive approach and don’t let fear or barriers hold you back.

If you answered mostly C:

If you feel like your life lacks meaning, and you are unhappy, now is the time to do something about it! There are many things you can do to improve your self confidence and focus on living a more fulfilled life. Finding joy in small things can give you a boost and the drive to put more significant goals in place for achievement. It is time to look to the future and not the past. Surround yourself with positive influences, read books on self improvement or in what you are interested in, go to networking events, join a class to meet like minded people, get inspired here on Insp1re! There are so many things you can do. All is not lost if you really want to improve your life!

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