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Aug 2011 25

Usain Bolt sees two of his closet rivals withdraw from the World Athletics Championships this week. Fastest man this year Asafa Powell and fellow sprinter Tyson Gay are both missing the event due to injury.

Bolt says it ‘does not mean the final will be any easier’. [BBC Sport online] But I think it’s safe to say after reading the reaction to the news, that Bolt now has pretty much a free run to win the title, now his competition has been massively reduced.

Sadly,  a lot of the excitement surrounding the race has been lost (for me anyway), and it almost feels like it’s a done deal and that Usain Bolt has already won. In the world of sport where it is a highly competitive environment, I can only presume the forthcoming race is perhaps less of a challenge now for Bolt. If winning is easy, is it quite as satisfying?

Competition is healthy, in fact it is a great thing. Whether in sport, business, or life in general, competition encourages challenges and instills passion and drive within us to want to beat an opponent or to be or achieve better.

The reasons why competition is a great thing:

It helps us grow and drives us to want to go beyond our limits and compete against other great people in our world.

It promotes innovation. The great thing about having competitors is that we become more creative, we are forced to think outside of the box. Just take the technology market for example, Apple Inc continue to innovate and introduce ground breaking gadgets which the competition are continually trying to overtake.

We learn. For someone to win, it means someone has to lose. Of course this isn’t very nice but with the right attitude, this is actually a really good thing. When we lose things or make mistakes we tend to reflect on it and start to realise the reasons why this happened and learn from it so that we can be better next time. Where there is no competition, there is no lesson to be learned.

It gives us goals in life. If everybody did the same thing, earned the same money and had the same opportunities, there would be no room for people to achieve great things. Competition gives us the inspiration to want to achieve more.

We take more chances and try new things. Life is more exciting when we have something to strive for and aspire to be.

Competition is the reality of life. We all need passion for something, to want to be good at. Healthy competition provides us with the drive to go out there and accomplish our dreams.

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